The Ferros Photography

Where are you from? 

Born in Italy, based in Scotland.

Before being a photographer, tell us what you wanted to be?

Both raised in the world of advertising, we, Nico and Vinx, were respectively a copywriter and an art director. We’ve always both felt connected with the world of visual arts and the story telling within each form of it. We could say, regardless of the specific business we would have worked in, it had to do with both the beauty of the aesthetics and the depth and variety of human emotions.

Tell me about the moment you decided to become a photographer?

What we both really always wanted to be doing was definitely photography. We had this belief that it takes a bit of unconsciousness to think to live of your passion – but at same point of our lives we decided to choose to the wild side, following our hearts! So what it was our biggest passion is today our job (and we couldn’t feel more lucky to say so.)

What was the best advise you received when you started your photographer carrier?

Be positive and genuine with yourself and with the others, no matter what.


Can you define photography?

Photography is showing to the world how you look at it. But it’s not just this. It’s an act of trust between who is shooting and its subject. It’s a gift you’re giving to someone & the other way round. 


For you, what makes a good photographer?

A good photographer is someone able to get out from his (or her) comfort zone every time, making a step towards the other. Basically the photographer has the responsibility to make that other feel comfortable, so comfortable that the subject will forget about the camera between the two of them.

For you, what makes a good photograph?

Since we see millions of pictures on daily basis to be truly impressed & captivated is a real challenge. A good photograph to us has then the ability to evoke a clear feeling, it can be joy, melancholy, happiness, sadness, faith…

What is your biggest challenge today?

Our biggest challenge it’s to keep following our own path, evolving it, making it meaningful not only for us but for those who might be interested in our work and us as human beings. 

Tell us about the day you felt most proud about your work?

There’s no specific day that has made us proud, it mostly happen every time we are able to capture something worth for the people who trust us.

Tell us about the relationship you have with other photographers?

Building a relationship with other photographers is definitely very important. We genuinely believe in human interaction and the solidarity the network has and should have. Plus It’s amazing how many friends we have found thanks to photography!

Can you tell us an advise - photography or business tip - that somehow made your career evolve at any point?

The best advise we could give is literally to never give up and never choose the easy way, since it’s a job made of sacrifice and patience. All this will reward you with much more than what you could have reached differently. 



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