Paige Greener Photography

Where are you from?


Born in California but did my growing up in Las Vegas, NV 

Before being a photographer, tell us what you wanted to be?

I have always had a creative mind and used photography as my outlet, however, I went to college with the intentions of making a lot of money so I got into sales. I worked in the MedSpa industry for 15 years as a consultant/manager.


Tell me about the moment you decided to become a photographer?

I noticed in the Medspa industry that I would get very creative of how we were going to decorate for partys/events, coming up with promotions, giveaways and so on…something was missing. I loved meeting with clients on a daily basis because I loved that interaction but my mind needed that creative outlet. Years later I had my little girl (6 now) and I got a Canon Rebel to take photos of her at a young age. I noticed more and more how much I missed photography until one day a neighbor asked me to take their family photos…the rest was history. 

What was the best advise you received when you started your photographer carrier?

Don’t do it for the money because you will spend more of your own money and time investing in the business, however, if you still love it even when you are down to your last cent, you know you were meant to do this.  

Can you define photography?

Freeing. Free to use your imagination. Free to make your own rules. Free to be your true self through your art. 

For you, what makes a good photographer?

 I listen.  The problem with most people in this world is we dont listen to what someone is really saying. If a client tells you “I dont like how my nose looks from the side” or “I would love to have some photos of our dog in it” and you dont listen to anything they say…chances are, you failed as a photographer. Even if you got the most stunning shots, you didn’t listen to what was important to the client. 

For you, what makes a good photograph?

Something that shows the couples true self. The fun or goofy side or just the light in their eyes. A goal for every photographer is to have the client forget they are taking their photos. Thats when their true self comes out.  

What is your biggest challenge today?

Keeping up with the changes in the photography business day to day. Instagram, pintrest, keeping up with my website, emails, transactions, and just the day to day editing while trying to be a wife and a mother. 

Tell us about the day you felt most proud about your work?

When I started getting featured.  I know it may sound ridiculous but when you see your work up against other amazing photographers, it’s a very gratifying feeling. 

Tell us about the relationship you have with other photographers? How important you feel that is.

EXTREMELY! 2 of my best friends are photographers and I talked to them at least 3-4 times a day. We will even facetime and edit together which can be great company.  It’s amazing to have a community like the Photography community. I dont think there is one like it.  

Can you tell us an advise - photography or business tip - that somehow made your career evolve at any point?

Workshops Workshops Workshops. To get together with other creative minds and shoot together…there is nothing like it. You will build relationships, learn new things to help you business, and leave feeling more inspired than you ever did. It’s life changing.  

All in all, I would like to thank the community for your incredible dedication and help that you give to all professionals. I am so glad I can call myself a rocker from now on…!


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