Fotis Sideris Tasios

Where are you from?

Greece – Igoumenitsa

Before being a photographer, tell us what you wanted to be?

When I was young I wanted to become a football player… And I did..I still do though but more as a hobby than anything else.

Tell me about the moment you decided to become a photographer?

I remember that at the age of 12 I held my grandfather’s camera and I took a blurry picture of my sister… That was the moment I realised how much I loved this even if I couldn’t see clearly what I shot nor I understood what I did…

What was the best advise you received when you started your photographer carrier?

The best advice for me was that, above all I have to do my job with love. Not to care if it will bring me money but only if it fulfils me as a person.. And I do this since day one.

Can you define photography?

Well.. I am not sure I can. The only thing I can say is that photography is a kind of passion and a love that provides you with a variety of feelings. Every time you look a photo is as if you at the eyes of a person you love very much.


For you, what makes a good photographer?

For me a person to become a good photographer needs to have love, loyalty, passion, sentiment, perspective, respect and values.

For you, what makes a good photograph?

A good photo for me always is the one that captures an emotion. When a picture gets to you and leaves you with a good sentiment and a message then you reached your goal.

What is your biggest challenge today?

The fact that I love photography as an idea, a principle and as a story. Plus getting the reassurance from my customers. Their smiles when they see my shots and their persistence to keep me in their lives. I love having good relations with all my clients and exchange our news every so often.

Tell us about the day you felt most proud about your work?

Nice things you hear everyday… My proudest moment was when I picked up the phone and one of my customers kept thanikng me for capturing her dad smiling in a picture which was a rare thing for him to do. She also told me that she was very please that had  chosen me to be her wedding photographer. Honestly the joy I felt was indescribable.

Tell us about the relationship you have with other photographers? How important you feel that is.

Maintaining a good relation with other photographers is something very important to me as a person. I have kept close with all the people that I have worked with not only because they taught me things but also because they helped me and chose me as a partner. The competition though is a healthy thing and exists. This way you become better in all aspects of your personal and professional life but most of all better for all the ones you love. To be fair though when I can I also help younger and new photographers with their work. As long as they love what they do.

Can you tell us an advise - photography or business tip - that somehow made your career evolve at any point?

My tip is to love what you do as hard as you can… Appreciate whoever chooses you and when you travel for work enjoy every last second of it. You need to become one with them and get moved when they do. Then all your pictures will not need any form of a retouch because they will be perfect. You will have met the pick of inspiration and good photography.

All in all, I would like to thank the community for your incredible dedication and help that you give to all professionals. I am so glad I can call myself a rocker from now on…!


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