Where are you from?

Wuppertal, Germany

Before being a photographer, tell us what you wanted to be?

Vitali works since 2005 till today as a CGI/3D artist and photography was always his hobby since 2003. I (Natalie) worked since 2008 as a photomodel and this was always my dream thing, 
cause photography inspired me since I was a teenager. My way started in front of the camera but my interest to change the side from a model to photographer, being behind the camera, grew bigger and bigger. 
So I started in 2014 with the photography. Actually it was really cool to be many years in front of the camera. I worked with so many different photographers and got to know so many different styles. I think
that enriched my knowledge.

Tell me about the moment you decided to become a photographer?

In 2016, Vitali and me got to know each other, and after a short time we decided to work as wedding photographers. Actually we don’t really remember the moment it happend. I think
it was one evening when we were lying in bed, thinking about a way to work together as a photographer team, so I suggested to try with weddings. Like really seriously to work in the wedding 
business, not just as a hobby and Vitali was surprised first, but then he said: we’ll do it!
Best decision ever, cause a big passion for weddings was born and not only weddings but also just capturing the love of two human beings. 
Couldn’t imagine a better job than being a couple/wedding photographer.

What was the best advise you received when you started your photographer carrier?

Best advice for us was: Stay always true to yourself and your style of photography. It was really helpful for us, cause only this way
we got the right clients and the right weddings. From the beginning we rejected weddings which didn’t fit our idea and still reject requests which doesn’t fit our style. 
We wanna have fun at our work and not just work because we have to earn the money. Anyway we think that for every couple and every wedding, there’s a right 
photographer. So never force yourself to do something you don’t wanna do. 

Can you define photography?

Photography means for us to create memories and to make people happy with it. It means to capture moments which people
normally don’t see, but you do as a photographer.


For you, what makes a good photographer?

A good photographer sees the precious and emotional moments and knows to press the button in the right moment. A good photographer knows the value of an emotional
moment, and it doesn’t matter if the picture is technically perfect or not, it is the moment that matters.

What is your biggest challenge today?

Our biggest challenge today is to travel as much as we can. We wanna work more international, so we created a travel blog on our website with our adventures. 
When we travel, we take as many photos as we can of the culture and all the beautiful places out there. The couples should see our perspective of this beautiful world.
We think it is the best way to give our couples the safety so when they book us for their elopements/destination weddings, they will know we were already at this place
and we know many interesting spots.

Tell us about the day you felt most proud about your work?

Actually we are always very proud of our work, when we get a positive feedback from our couples and when they are totally in love with the results. It is such a huge 
motivation for us. At this point we say to each other, this is why we love our job as photographers and this is why it’s our dream job. 
We love to give people memories for their life time. Honestly it is all we have after all.

Tell us about the relationship you have with other photographers? How important you feel that is.

To keep contact to other photographers is very important for us. We love to hear what others do, to see how creative they are and to learn from them.
This is what inspires us, the work and experience of other photographers. Sometimes it’s also very helpful to hear how others manage hard times or how they
solve certain problems. It’s exciting to hear about their adventures and their wedding experiences. So we would always suggest to keep in touch with other 
photographers. Never stop learning. 

Can you tell us an advise - photography or business tip - that somehow made your career evolve at any point?

Our advice is to stay always up to date. Build up your network, keep up your social network like instagram, communicate with all the people out there. 
Switch advertising regularly. It is so important to move forward and never stand still, cause this world moves so fast and we have to keep up with it.

All in all, I would like to thank the community for your incredible dedication and help that you give to all professionals. I am so glad I can call myself a rocker from now on…!


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